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Owner of Homes of Elegance, Steve Davies has worked closely with Timothy Oulton for over 20 years.  Now Steve is able to bring the Timothy Oulton brand exclusively to the unique showroom right here in Abergavenny.

All Timothy's collections are inspired by timeless, classic design. Tim and his team work hard to ensure each product is hand crafted using only the best techniques and fabrications.

 Tim’s designs are inspired by the past but are reconceived from a contemporary perspective.

Timothy Oulton was born in Manchester, England. Tim’s father owned an antique shop and he joined the family business at the age of 17, it was here that his passion for furniture and design blossomed. He found himself captivated by the exquisite quality of the antiques that come from meticulous time, honoured craftsmanship.

Tim's attributes his inspiration and love of old English design to his years spent at boarding school, Ampleforth, in an old Benedictine Monastery, which he attended from the age of seven. As owner and Creative Director for the Timothy Oulton brand, Tim aims to take something from the past and make it relevant. Each individual piece is handcrafted with extraordinary attention to detail ensuring that each product is one of a kind.


Find out more about the Hand-Craftmanship techniques used when creating each piece of Timothy Oulton furniture:- 

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